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The versatile methods and the cost-effectiveness of the I-Beam overhead conveyor makes it a efficient way to transport material from one place to another. These are durable and require less maintenance.

Heavy duty trolleys associated by a unique rivet-less chain ride on an I-beam monorail. Every trolley has a connection point from which a carrier can be suspended. A drive with variable speed moves the chain and the trolleys linked to it, stopping and starting together and moving at a similar speed. I-Beam overhead conveyor is an open design conveyor where the chain rides on an I-Beam. This type of overhead conveyor is used for applications with heavier duties.


Material: Mild Steel
Condition: New
Automation Grade: Semi-Automatic
Design: Customized
Type: Overhead Conveyor
Length: 10-20 feet, 20-40 feet, 40-60 feet, 60-100 feet
Material Handling Capacity: 1-50 kg per feet, 50-100 kg per feet, 100-150 kg per feet, 150-200 kg per feet, 200-300 kg per feet


• Food Industry
• Automobile Industry
• Warehouse Industry
• Electrical Industry
• Fashion Industry
• Paintjob Industry

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