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Diversion and Sortation conveyor

Using a base standard conveyor and adding simple solutions, we can take product handling to the next level. Diverting and sorting product based on weight, shape, line capacity, and more is easily achieved and can significantly increase your throughput.

Diversion and Sortation Conveyor

Product can be diverted using static guides and plows or dynamic gates and paddles.

  • Changes product direction to single or multiple locations
  • Often used to meter flow to specific areas or to separate products based on certain attributes
  • Control via proximity switches, photo eyes and counters is typical
  • Motion can be achieved via pneumatic or electric components


Capacity: 15 Kg to 2500 Kg
Material: Stainless Steel
Design: Standard


• Food Industry
• Automobile Industry
• Warehouse Industry
• Electrical Industry
• Fashion Industry
• Paintjob Industry

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